"9th Rib" is an exploration of the relationship of identity with place, conceived & choreographed by Keith Thompson, and performed by danceTactics performance group in collaboration with Performer / Creative Producer Tamara Pullman (Montana & California) and Composer Maesa Pullman (California).
How does our geography, urban or rural, influence who we are?  How do we carry our origins with us, informing our thoughts, beliefs, and behavior? And is a "home" created or inherited?
"9th Rib" began during the summer of 2015, when the company from urban New York joined residents of rural Montana, to investigate some of these questions as an artistic team, and through community-engagement activities.  Through dance, music, and theater workshops, a dialogue was created across generations, and between The City and The Country.
The choice of Montana was not arbitrary. The place served as a powerful contrast environmentally to the "concrete jungle" where the company spends most of their working life. 
At present,"9th Rib" will be a three-four part evening-length work, which will have both site-specific as well as presentational performance elements. Part One, inspired by rural Montana; Part Two will focus on urban New York; and Part Three will focus on Memory, and the places we carry within us. 

Images from Montana Artwalk, August 2015

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