A Piece of Hamlets' Machine

Premiere: 2013

Extracted from The Hamletmachine: Mueller's single most famous work, the power-packed, incandescent core of the Euro-left, which anticipated the export-platform resistances of the Euro-state thirty years before the reality. Don't be fooled by the brevity of the play: every single word, sentence and turn of phrase is loaded with explosive connotations, references, double and triple entendres, crisscrossing like the lines on a city map or the circuits of a chip.

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Beginnings Forever Lost: (excerpt of an evening length performance) 

Premiere: 2012

A work for five dancers exploring the physical effects of migration and immigration, a pure movement investigation, the work is informed by ideas of group and individual transformations resulting from changes in place, relationships, and goals. Beginnings Forever Lost is set to a collage of music and text inspirations selected by Thompson. The work is performed by Emily Berry, Matt Cumbie, George Hirsch, Jin Ju Song-Begin, and Sara Roer. Costumes are by Mandarin Wu.

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A Utopian Dystopia

HOT FESTIVAL at Dixon Place, New York, NY Premiere: 2012

Its underlying subtext centers on a disturbing notion that human diversity as we know it, could become extinct. The current excerpt of this future evening length piece investigates how each of us understands and filters the idea of diverse identity. It is important to reflect on who and what you believe in and what repercussions do your actions leave upon others.

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When Mind Moves Memory 

Round House Theater, Silver Springs, MD Premiere: 2011

is an investigation of the power of memory and the nature of how we hold on or let go of it. As we age and begin to forget, we sometimes seek someone or something to hold the history that makes up our lives. Through the use of concrete objects like letters and a sweater, the piece offers a look at youth meeting age through time and memory.

Blueprints of Relentless Nature 

Premiere: 2010

Delay, Sustain, Relentless are the three words that were gathered as the starting blueprint for this dance. Pure movement of four dancers who group and regroup in varied combinations, this high-velocity work maps energy patterns that shift, split, and reorient, but the playful, grounded essence of Blueprints never ranges too far from the breathing bodies that helped to make it. It is easy for viewers to find human stories in its pulsing language of flicks, hesitations, lunging dives and curious catches. Audiences will enjoy watching for how those ideas offer the script for small moments, longer section and the full 20-minute arc of Blueprints of Relentless Nature.

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All Things Big Dream 

Premier: 2009

A duet loosely based on Charles Darwin and his wife, in honor of Darwin’s 200th birthday in February 2009. The idea is based on the strange unexpected behavior of Darwin during the period of 1844-59.