danceTactics performance group is pleased to offer a comprehensive array of explorations in movement to dancers and non-dancers of all levels and ages.

Our performances, workshops and classes are individually designed around the students and their communities to ensure that learning experiences are pertinent and meaningful.

Master Classes:

Contemporary Technique

Students learn about the elements of dance (the body, space, time, and energy) in these classes led by Keith Thompson and/or company members. These classes investigate the complexity and articulation of multiple pathways through and between spaces.


Led by company members, this class gives students a chance to learn several excerpts from danceTactics’ exciting repertory.


Students discover movement fundamentals and enhance perceptual skills. In this class, dancers work alone and with a variety of partners in order to explore movement initiations and responses to other dancers.


By cultivating short movement studies of choreography as a communicative art form, focus is placed on the exploration of ideas and meaning. Emphasis is placed on the development of personal style as an expressive medium. Students develop the physical and perceptual skills basic to contact improvisation, falling, rolling, giving and taking weight, moving comfortably from the floor to the air, and communication through touch. This class is geared toward dancers as well as actors and those who just love to move.


This class employs dance techniques and improvisational games that expose students to the process of creating their own dances.

Lecture Demonstrations

danceTactics is known for its intricately complex forms. Keith Thompson and the company demonstrate several excerpts from the repertory and discuss how they were constructed. This is a unique window into Thompson’s compositional point of view and how a dance evolves from a thought to a physical expression.


Community Workshops

The company will engage not only professionally inspired dancers, but all those within the community who love to investigate movement. Ideas about the moving body will be communicated, shared, sought after in an environment that seeks to collaborate with all involved. The company will engage you in a world wind exploration of ‘yes I can, why not’ approaches to contemporary and edgy dance.

TACTICS: Performance Workshops

These workshops are geared toward the specific investigation of the human experience culminating with a final showing of a collaborative work-in-progress or finished creation.

Two Choices of Performance Programs:

(A) 5-7 dancers

All inclusive fees of $5,000 – $7,000 / performance

$12,000 / week

Airfare and hotel expenses additional for international touring

Choice of A Piece of Hamlets Machine (30 minute excerpt) or Beginnings Forever Lost (30 minute excerpt)

Plus choice of:

Mat-ur-a-tion (11 mins),

All Things Big Dream (20 mins),

Utopian Dystopia (20 mins),

Blueprints of Relentless Nature (24 mins)


(B) 5-7 dancers

All inclusive fees of $6,000 – $9,000 / performance

$14,000 / week

Airfare and hotel expenses additional for international touring

A Piece of Hamlets Machine (55 minute evening length)

- or -

Beginnings Forever Lost (55 minute evening length)

*choice of additional work from list above*


$4,000 – $10,000

Fee varies on the size and scope of work, and the number of performances and workshops.

School Shows or additional/supplemental modules:

The price schedule for performances and workshops is as follows:

45 minute school show – $500 single $900 double

Master class led by Artistic Director- $300

Master class led by 2 company dancers – $200

Master class led by 1 company dancer – $125

*Fees* negotiable, depending on presenting