Undeniable Traits

Premiere: 2017

A study about and witnessing of moving vocabulary and shifting relations that are impossible to deny, along with particular characteristics, qualities, or tendencies that someone or something has.

Love Alone: initial study

Premiere: 2016

a duet physicalized from a book of poems from Paul Monnette based on the death of his friend from AIDs in the 1980’s. Use of music, text and some projections to bring to life elements of love, fear and anger.


9th Rib Repurposed

Premiere: 2016

a new dance-theater project presented by danceTactics performance group, choreographed by Keith A. Thompson, and created in collaboration with Tamara Pullman. Inspired by interviews and community-engagement activities with residents in rural Montana, and framed within an urban contemporary dance vocabulary, 9th Rib aims to explore the links between our identity and our narratives of (rural and urban) place. The piece features original music by Maesa Pullman.

9th Rib: Home & Heritage A Community Performance

Premiere: 2015

'9th Rib'. It is essentially a community art making project that seeks to explore Montana and it's sacred legacy connecting the place and it's people. Through community movement, text and music workshops, the creative team has developed the first phase of the art piece builtspecifically for the Butte community.

A Piece of Hamlets' Machine

Premiere: 2014 | Asia Premiere: 2018

Extracted from The Hamletmachine: Mueller's single most famous work, the power-packed, incandescent core of the Euro-left, which anticipated the export-platform resistances of the Euro-state thirty years before the reality. Don't be fooled by the brevity of the play: every single word, sentence and turn of phrase is loaded with explosive connotations, references, double and triple entendres, crisscrossing like the lines on a city map or the circuits of a chip.


Beginnings Forever Lost: (excerpt of an evening length performance) 

Premier: 2013

A work for five dancers exploring the physical effects of migration and immigration, a pure movement investigation, the work is informed by ideas of group and individual transformations resulting from changes in place, relationships, and goals. Beginnings Forever Lost is set to a collage of music and text inspirations selected by Thompson. The work is performed by Emily Berry, Matt Cumbie, George Hirsch, Jin Ju Song-Begin, and Sara Roer. Costumes are by Mandarin Wu.